Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted.

I'm actually starting to feel back to normal after chemo. I still don't have my full energy back, had proof of that last night when we went for a bike ride. One time around the block and I was done.

I had another MRI a few weeks ago, and things look awesome. Only a 2cm spot showed up that they think is just dead cells. My surgeon thinks I could have a 100% response to chemo, which will be awesome, I'll be her first. It's a lot of pressure, but I'm up for the challenge, ha ha.

So surgery is next Wednesday, and I think I'm ready. I think I'm ready. It will probably be a rough few weeks, but again only temporary. Mom will be here the day of my surgery and for about a week after, and Joanna comes down for almost three weeks. So it will be great to have the extra help.

I'm planning on about 4-6 weeks off of work, depending on how things go and how I'm feeling. I guess having to be off of work in the summer won't be so horrible. Although I don't think I'll be up for the beach.

Then somewhere in there, I'll start my radiation. 6 weeks. And we should be home free!

So send happy thoughts my way next Wednesday. I'll have Richard or my mom post an update as to how things went, so no one worries.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I'm doing the no more chemo dance over here. I had my last treatment yesterday, and am feeling pretty fantastic today, must be the thought that it's over and I won't have to go through that again.

My last one was supposed to be last Friday, but we got the okay to move it to Monday. We went to Great Lakes Illinois and attended my Brother-in-Law Nathan's graduation from boot camp. It was a very neat ceremony, formal military. Logan was fascinated by it the entire time.

Then I flew from O'Hare up to Marquette to surprise my mom for her graduation. She had absolutely no idea I was coming, and was completely speechless when she saw me. And if you know my mom, quite a task, hee hee. It was a fab weekend. I got to meet my sisters friends, Ang, Renee, and Meagan, who I feel I have known them all forever, so it was great to meet them, they are all a riot.

I also got to see my Grampy and Grams at lunch on Saturday, and it's always nice to see them. Even though I'm having this strange feeling that I'm no longer my grandpa's favorite and Joanna has somehow moved into that spot, guess I have to redeem myself! Mmmm..

So it was a great weekend, lots of fun, some drinks and hardly any sleep, but it was totally worth it.

So the next step in this journey, is another Breast MRI scheduled for next Monday. I'm not too excited about enduring another 50 minutes in the noisy tube, but I am curious to see just what kind of a job chemo did.

Then my surgery, prophylactic mastectomy (both sides) is scheduled for June 6th, and I'll have my mom and Joanna here to help after that for a few weeks.

Thanks again for everyone's prayers and thoughts, we're through the first step.

Much love, *mwah*