Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Photo Catch-up

I finally, got the desktop hooked back up to the internet, so I thought I'd do a catch-up of pics from the summer. And I don't really feel like a clever, fun post today, so just enjoy some pictures.

Summer and baseball, a popular combination.

Chilling in the paddleboat at Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Dave's in CF over Mem. Day weekend.

Richard teaching Logan to fish for the first time.

One of our scarier storms this summer, the worst of it missed us, but the clouds were pretty freaky. I think we ended up in the basement for a bit during this one.

Slip-n-Slide Fun :)

Fun at the sprinkler park. In Indiana we lack lakes, but there is no shortage of sprinkler parks, always goood on a hot day. The boys always have fun.

Guess I need to get out from behind the camera more often :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A long week......

This week is taking forever! Mr. Logan was sick this week, ugh! He's never been one to really get sick (knock on wood). He's only had two ear infections, a few colds here and there, but nothing too major. Monday, on my way to pick him up from school, his teacher calls to get my permission to give him some tylenol because he was running a fever of about 101. WHAT?? Yes, of course tylenol please.

So I get there and he is crashed in their reading loft. She said he was great at lunch, but was very restless during nap (totally unlike Logan), didn't want to play outside much, and wouldn't eat snack. Again, all not Logan-like symptoms at all! Poor little guy looked at me when I got there and started to cry :(

Monday night was rough, drink or eat, just layed around. Still running a fever. So on Tuesday he stayed home from school with my mother-in-laws husband, who fortunately for us isn't working right now. He just laid around all day. And Tuesday night he slept a marathon almost 13 hours! And Wednesday I worked from home to hang out with him.

So he's back to being Logan, thank goodness. I hate when my little guy is sick, especially since it doesn't happen very often. You feel so helpless, not much to do, but cuddle, which we did plenty of.

Also had a doctor appointment yesterday (21 weeks). Everything looks good, measureing good. Baby's heartbeat was around 142. My blood pressure was perfect and weight was good, I've only gained about 6 pounds so far. Think I do have a bladder infection though, so just waiting on my labs to come from that. But nothing major to report there, things are going well. I'm in that feeling pretty good stage, first trimester yucky stuff over with, the uncomfortable stuff hasn't kicked in yet. Just enjoying being pregnant!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strange Laws

I came across a website that listed strange laws that are actually still listed on the books in their states, just thought I'd share some of them on this hump-day. Enjoy!

In New York, it is against the law for a blind person to drive an automobile. (My thought, then why do most ATM's have braille on them?)

In Utah, birds have the right of way on any public highway. (Good thing that isn't an Indiana law, I would then have to apologize to the few that I've hit)

This one is for Rochelle, just in case she was considering trading in her car.
In the State of Kansas, you're not allowed to drive a buffalo through a street.

In Michigan, married couples must live together or be imprisoned. (Isn't that the same thing, haha)

In Washington State, you can't carry a concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in length. (And just how in the heck are you supposed to conceal a 6 foot weapon)

Just thought these were comical. Makes you wonder, that for these to be actual laws someone at some point had to do this to make it illegal. Kind of like the 'don't use in a bathtub warning" on a hairdryer.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Halfway there!

20 weeks today! Whew, where does the time go? Really no too much to report, since we've gotten everything done so early already. I'm feeling pretty good, although the 90 degree heat and 100% humidity this past weekend were really not much fun. Just the usualy stuff, more frequent trips to the bathroom during the day and at night. I finally broke down and bought a body pillow to help with sleeping. We have a check-up next week to see how everything else is doing.

My mom returned last week for the school year. Logan was VERY excited to have gwamma back. He helped her get settled into the new digs, and got to spend the night at her new house. So gwamma had a dose of Logan right out of the gate, but I think they both survived. He was precious on Sunday after she left. He's getting a good grasp of time and distance, so he understood that she was just at her house not all the way by Papa, but I think he thought it would be a whole summer again before he saw her, so he cried himself to sleep on Sunday night. But after that I think he was okay, goofy boy. He sure loves his gwamma.

Richard is back on his working out of town swing again, ugh! I really hope something changes on that front once the baby is born, or I might just run screaming into the night! But work has been slow, we've taken a hit with the economy so we just have to go with the flow on that one, especially since really no other opportunities exist around here, and I don't think we'll be making a big move anytime soon. At least I hope it doesn't come to that.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Picnic Days

We had our company picnic on Saturday at a place here called Connor Prairie. It's one of those interactive history places, with villages and homesteads from the 1800's and actors that teach you what life was like back then. I have to be honest, it was neat but I'm glad we didn't pay the $18 a person to visit on our own. I think we weren't into it because Richard and I have both experienced places like that in Copper Harbor, and on Mackinac Island. It was obviously geared towards 'city-folk'.

And being that Logan still thinks that hundreds of years ago was last week, didn't really much care about the history stuff. He did however enjoy the interactive animal barn. He got to pet a cow, a lamb, a goat, and hold a baby chick. So that was cool.

They also had an 1800 balloon ride, that he loved watching. However we WERE NOT going up in. It's tethered to the ground and goes up about 350 feet, but you're completely at the mercy of the wind. That things gets blown around so much, some people were looking mighty green coming off of there.

They did have some neat things there just for our picnic group. Pony rides which Logan rode for the first time, a bouncehouse, and a dunk tank for our executives to be dunked.

Now we can say we've been there I guess. Here's some pictures from our day.

Here we are holding the baby chicks.

And here's his first pony ride, the pony's name was Teddy.