Friday, February 23, 2007

a HUGE thank you

This is long overdue!

I have received such an overwhelming amount of support, cards, gifts, well wishes etc, that I can't even begin to say thank you. And writing thank you's to all of you would be quite the undertaking, so saying thank you here is the best way I know how.

Your kind words, and encouragement mean the world to me, I feel like I have my own personal cheering section through all of this and truly wouldn't know what to do without all of you. I truly feel blessed and loved each and everyday.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here I Am

So I guess it takes my grammy calling to yell at me before I post an update (sorry gram!).

I had another treatment last Friday and I did have a rough weekend. Just felt quesy all weekend, not really wanting to eat much. But I didn't have the achiness that I had last time around, so at least I was able to move around and do stuff.

My appointment with the oncologist went great however. He said he was surprised at just how much shrinkage there was after one treatment, so it makes up for feeling like crap all weekend. And even this week, I notice the change since last week, after two treatments. So I guess we're on the right track. So it makes the sickies seem not so bad.

We were snowed in the past few days, Indiana snow storms are a bit worse than Michigan storms. It seems they don't have the capabilites to clear snow and people don't know how to drive, ugh! And in the middle of the storm, our water service broke, so we've been without enough water pressure to run the dishwasher or do a load of laundry. So hopefully today that will get fixed.

Well I guess I've officially celebrated my baldness. We had to update the addresses on our driver's licenses the other day. In Michigan they put that nice little sticker on your current license, not so in Indiana. We had to get new pictures taken, and I didn't have a scarf with me. So there I stood in my bald glory at the DMV. Amazingly the picture turned out better than the last one with hair, take that stupid cancer! :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To B(ald), Or Not to B(ald)

You would think something as simple as shaving your head wouldn't be so emotionally distressing. It's getting very thin, and yet I'm still hanging on. Apparently I'm more attached to this thin, fine, mousey brown mop than I thought.

When this all started I was geeked to shave it, and now that the time is here, I'm finding it difficult to do. But now the mess of hair everywhere is really starting to get to me.

I wore a scarf today to cover my bald spots, and when I came home and took it off a lot of hair came with it.

Sorry guys, but I don't know how you do it LOL

"to baldness and beyond"

Friday, February 2, 2007

Can't come up with anything clever :)

I just opened the blog, and realized it has been almost two weeks since I posted anything. Sorry to those trying to keep updated.

I've been doing very well. The weekend of my first treatment I was a bit tired, but never got sick. I had a Neulasta shot the Monday after, which is a white cell booster shot. That made me very achy, and I had trouble getting out of bed on Tuesday morning. But really that's been the worst of it.
I went last weeknd, with my dear friend Erin, to try on wigs and get a short haircut. It was good to get out and have a girls afternoon out. The wig shopping was fun. I tried on a few different ones, and a blonde one for fun and decided that I wasn't meant to be blonde. The wigs certainly have come a long way, they've got highlights in them and really look like real hair, which I guess is the whole point.
So todayI guess my hair should start falling out. I'll probably shave it once it starts, just to avoid the mess everywhere. I just wonder what Logan is going to think of a bald mommy. He didn't even notice when I cut it short, so maybe he won't even care, might even think it's funny.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!