Monday, August 29, 2011


As always, its been a crazy busy summer here, I can't believe how fast it went.  We started out in June with baseball again, Logan improved so much this year over last, that he's really enjoying it. In fact we'll be starting fall league in a few weeks.

July brought our usual trip home for the 4th of July, vacation is never long enough.  Each trip always makes me wish we lived closer, so our kids can grow up with their cousins like me and my sisters did.  Maybe someday......

In August I had a very scary experience, one in which I don't care to do again.  Had a wonderful girls night planned with Jamie, and a few friends.  We had tickets to Sugarland at the State Fair, which you may have seen on the news, ended in tragedy with the stage collapsing.  Fortunately, we didn't actually see the collapse, we're big chickens and decided to leave minutes before it happened.  But just being there in the midst of it was something I will never forget.  I still say prayers for those that lost loved ones, those that are still recovering, and those that witnessed it.  I may stick to indoor events for a while.

Avery still isn't talking much, but understands so much.  She is quite the little helper, and likes to (or should I say insists on) helping unload the dishwasher, and wipe things, spills, the floor, the walls, the dogs, with the towel.  She's growing by leaps and bounds.

Logan started 1st grade, and so far loves it.  He's quite the little reader already.  They get sent home with a reader book every few days, well its supposed to be every few days, but Logan is reading them every night, and brings them back in and reads it to his teacher and gets a new one.  I'm so proud that my love of reading got passed down to him.  They had their first spelling test last week, they're doing math, amazing how quick they pick things up.  I pray he continues to love school.

We have a parents meeting this week for preschool.  We're enrolling Avery in the preschool program at our church one day a week in the mornings.  It's a wonderful program, and I know she'll benefit from playing and learning from other kids her age.  She loves Sunday nursery time, so I'm sure preschool will be great.  Maybe she'll even start talking.

Work is going well for both Richard and I.  Unfortunately, the summer brought lots of long hours, nights, all-nighters and weekends for me.  But it seems to be back to a normal schedule now, just in time for Richard to be busy to finish up the busy construction season.  But we're both very thankful to have jobs, when so many in our industry around here are still struggling to find work.  God is good!

T.T.F.N. (ta-ta for now)

Summer Snapshots

Summer started with a trip to Holiday World.

Chillin watchin big brother play baseball.

always take time to smell the flowers

Family time is always the best

Summer wouldn't be complete with out an ice cream treat!

Logan got fitted for his othrodontic appliance (it looks way worse than it was, he did awesome)

Tea party with friends

Logan's express car wash

First day of first grade for Logan, Avery just insisted on carrying a bag too

Colts vs. Packers (don't let the colts gear fool you, we were rooting for the Pack)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Excused Absence

Since it has been quite some time since the last blog entry, I thought I would share what, maybe it would be better to say who, has kept me away. Besides the obvious late nights of work, baseball games and practice, and just life in general.  Ladies and Gents, I present to you a few of the many antics of Miss Avery!  There is never a dull moment with this girl, and we LOVE it:)

First, there's climbing on the stroller while trying to act cute!

And of course, torturing your brother is essential.

Playing with your food (mashed potatoes) always makes for a good time.

Snacktime in the toy box.

Learning how to climb on the object that is blocking the stairs from which I'm being prevented from climbing.

Playing 'library' with big brother.

Getting stuck in our shirt while trying to undress after a nap (this happened multiple times that day)

Water therapy makes for a great day!
Enjoying the news, in the toy box (see the pattern)

Squeeze in my first pedicure.

Again with the climbing.

And of course, general cuteness:)

Friday, February 25, 2011


It's official, I've become a wimp.  Growing up in the UP and living Michigan, I used to LOVE winter and snow.  Now, not so much.  I think what I hate most about Indiana winters, is the snow doesn't stay, so you get used to seeing grass and warmer temperatures, and then one day you wake up and there's 6" of blowing and drifting snow on your back deck.

I'm over it, bring on spring.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Lately Miss Avery has been a bit grumpy, she's working on some new teeth so she's not always her usual happy self.  Teeth hurting, runny nose, all that fun stuff.  So on Monday I get a text message from Richard that said her eye was bothering her, great here we go!

Sure enough, by the time I got home on Monday, the poor little monkeys eyes were so swollen and red, that she looked a bit like a drunk.  Trying to see out of the tiny little slit, because it clearly felt better for her to leave them closed.  And of course, it was after hours.  A call into the pediatricians office suggested we take her in.

So off to the immediate care center we went.  Luckily it wasn't busy at all.  And, of course by the time we got there, she was a teeny bit happier.  The doctor sees us.  Who I may add, definitely did not like her job.  She had to be the most unfriendly doctor I've ever encountered.  I was definitely not impressed with her at all.  So was thankful for a nice short visit.

We left with a diagnosis of a sinus infection and pink eye, and a prescription for some antibiotic eye drops and amoxicillan.  Avery fell asleep in the car about 1 minute after leaving the clinic.  And stayed asleep (which she's not the best car sleeper) through a trip (and kind of lengthy wait) to the pharmacy and the ride home.

With a dose of each med under her belt, and a good nights sleep behind her, she woke up the next day cranked up and ready to go.  What a change!!  My mother-in-law even asked what sort of 'hyper' meds we had been prescribed.  She was into everything that Tuesday morning.

And as of last night, there aren't too many signs of any infection left at all.  Her nose is still running a bit, but it certainly doesn't seem to phase her.

And the rest of us managed to avoid the pink eye too, thank goodness.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Or as close to it as possible I guess.  With all the holidays, turkey day, Avery's birthday, Christmas, and Logan's birthday, behind us, I'm hoping we can return to normal.  Whatever that is.

The snow is falling quite steadily outside,the drive in this morning was very slow, so I can't even imagine what tonight's commute will bring.  These Hoosiers just don't know what to do with 4 inches of snow.  And everyone is crying for spring already.  I think someone should tell them it's only the middle of January. *sigh*

Avery has officially conquered the stairs!  YIKES!!  And she's pretty quick at it too, little stinker.  Still working on walking though, but it won't be long before she's a full time feet walker.  I say feet walker, because she seems to have mastered walking on her knees!  She can walk if already standing, and Richard says she has stood without support a few times on her own.  Look out then!

Logan is a few weeks into basketball and seems to really be enjoying it, and has improved quite a bit just in a few weeks.  I also think he's glad to be back in school after the long break.  We're headed to the Children's Museum on Saturday with his best buddy Ethan to celebrate his birthday.  We decided to skip the big party this year.

And I am back on the Weight Watchers train.  Although it seems like I'm never really off of it.  I've struggled with my weight pretty much all of my adult life.  Well I shouldn't say struggle, it's been an all out battle.  I HATE the way I look and feel, yet just have no motivation to do much about it, ugh!  I've been a WW member again (for the 1000th time) for a few months now, but really haven't accomplished much.  I'll do good for a few weeks and then slack.  I haven't really gained any more weight, so I guess that's good.  But still frustrating.  My struggle is with exercise.  I despise, loathe, hate, whatever word you want to use, exercise.

I'm not a good sleeper, so getting up earlier in the morning is just not happening.  And I've been working some long hours and late night lately, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is exercise.  It's really been my biggest struggle.  I always have good intentions, just never works out.  I do fairly well with the eating right.  I love my fruits and veggies, and haven't been much of a junk eater.  So my downfall is the exercising.  And I have yet to find anything to kick my butt into gear.  So maybe now the blog will become my exercise journal, might help make me accountable.  Sounds good now, but we shall see.