Tuesday, January 16, 2007

into the unknown

So we officially start chemotherapy this Friday. We met with the oncologist on Monday, who made us feel very comfortable, we never felt rushed, and we asked a TON of questions. One of our concerns was being able to have more children after this is all over. And he gave us the option of a Lupron injection, which will shut down my ovaries to protect them from damage during treatment. He said typically only 20-30% of woman go into permanent menopause. So that low number made us feel pretty good. We were going to look into egg harvesting and such, but the cost is outrageous and it's only a 30-40% guarantee. So we're leaving it up to fate, if we're meant to have more children than great, if not, than we have one awesome little boy who we will cherish forever and give lots of extra hugs and kisses.

I'm running the gamet of emotions. I'm excited to finally be getting starting on attacking this cancer, but terrified of what this shit is going to do to me, and my body. I've heard so many different stories of how people respond, and their side affects, and that everyone responds differently. So I don't know what to expect, maybe expect the worst and hopefully be pleasantly surprised, who knows, that's not in my hands. But my onc assured me that I could pretty much go on with "normal" life, just expect to do things slower. And if I am sick to let him know, and they'd fix it, so that's comforting, I think.

Until next time, keep thinking PINK!
*hugs* to all


  1. *HUGS*

    I will be saying lots of prayers for you!!!!!


  2. I love you *hugs and *kisses
    Megan Lorraine

  3. Your positive energy will kick the shit out of those silly ass cancer cells! Loveyoulikecrazy!
    auntie T

  4. Many *hugs* and prayers Jeni!!

    I agree with Robyn (her comment on the board) ~ it's time we take this *rumble* to an Olive Garden parking lot near you!

    Love you!