Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here I Am

So I guess it takes my grammy calling to yell at me before I post an update (sorry gram!).

I had another treatment last Friday and I did have a rough weekend. Just felt quesy all weekend, not really wanting to eat much. But I didn't have the achiness that I had last time around, so at least I was able to move around and do stuff.

My appointment with the oncologist went great however. He said he was surprised at just how much shrinkage there was after one treatment, so it makes up for feeling like crap all weekend. And even this week, I notice the change since last week, after two treatments. So I guess we're on the right track. So it makes the sickies seem not so bad.

We were snowed in the past few days, Indiana snow storms are a bit worse than Michigan storms. It seems they don't have the capabilites to clear snow and people don't know how to drive, ugh! And in the middle of the storm, our water service broke, so we've been without enough water pressure to run the dishwasher or do a load of laundry. So hopefully today that will get fixed.

Well I guess I've officially celebrated my baldness. We had to update the addresses on our driver's licenses the other day. In Michigan they put that nice little sticker on your current license, not so in Indiana. We had to get new pictures taken, and I didn't have a scarf with me. So there I stood in my bald glory at the DMV. Amazingly the picture turned out better than the last one with hair, take that stupid cancer! :)


  1. i love it...bald and rock sista! i'm so proud of you! can't wait to see you...hopefully soon! love you all the way around the world and back!

    auntie jo

  2. That's because bald is beautiful!!!! And you are very brave so that makes you all the more beautiful!!! LOVE YOU EVERYDAY!!! hope to see you soon!! love auntie jim

  3. Jennie,

    I hope you are doing fine, I know that it must be a difficult thing to experience what you have. Throw in mom's concerns earlier, and it has been an interesting year for your family. I pray that you will beat the ugly monster and that God will give you strength to face whatever happens good or bad. I will keep you in my thoughts and I have already prayed for you and will continue to do so. Good luck, take care and keep smiling. I know that you don't really know me that well, but I have had a blast getting to know both Jo and Jame very good these last years, and I would consider your mother a very good friend. Take care.

  4. I spelled your name wrong. What a blunder. Sorry, if I wasn't asleep at the wheel I would read above to the right in blue "Jeni". My sister spells it Jennie, so I guess that is why I did it. Sorry!

  5. If you watch your comments section, you will see that you have a loyal and loving following, {also family}.We keep sayinmg that we love you and trhat you will beat it and this true. You WILL BEAT this and we sure do love you and pray for you every day.Love youn baby,Grampy

  6. I'll bet you are a beautiful bald woman. I pray for you, Logan, and Richard every day, and lots of people around me who love me are, too. You will beat this, Jeni, God isn't done with you yet and you have much work to do here. Keep smiling and showing off your strength!
    Love, Auntie Chris

  7. Hi gorgeous,

    It is a matter of time before that beast has been destroyed!!! Good work Jage!!!!Bald is especially beautiful on you.

    I love to infinity and beyond and back!!

  8. You go girl!! I bet you look absolutely gorgeous in your driver's license photo! Just think of losing your hair as an act of freedom from this cancer! I love you bunches and I know you'll beat the hell out of this thing!



  9. You look beautiful!!!! *hugs*


  10. So for the record... I love you and I'm thinking about you everyday. -Meggie Rain

  11. You look amazing in all your baldness my dear!! Kick this cancer to the curb!

    *hugs* and lots of prayers!!

  12. Lint roller?!?!?!

  13. Miranda: Samantha, I have to say, you are amazing.
    Samantha: I am. And if you love me in chemo, wait till you see me at Smith's movie premiere. I'm getting a hot dress, fantastic shoes... I'm going to kick cancer and that red carpet's ass!

    Jeni, you are amazing!