Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yup, that' right! The countdown has begun. I have finished with my regular radiation treatments of the entire "field", and had my first booster treatment today. I only have 5 of those, so we're in the home stretch. The booster treatment, is a way to just target my scar and scar tissue, just another precaution. But if it keeps me from doing this again, I'm all for it. The techs and nurses there have been great, the time has really flown by.

I've been quite tired these last few weeks, its really caught up with me. The skin reactions haven't been as bad as I thought either. It's like a bad sunburn, very very red. And now that I'm getting towards the end, it itches like crazy. But I've been resisting the urge, it's been tough, but I really don't want to rip that skin off.

Our trip to the U.P. was great. The wedding we attended was an absolute blast. The couple met while attending MTU, so the wedding was held there. The room was filled with Tech grads, and compliments of Sara's dad and a big surprise to everyone, we were entertained by the Tech Pep Band. Which only Tech grad's can truly appreciate. It was awesome. Way too much alcohol was consumed that night, but a good time was had by all!

Logan had his first camping trip that weekend as well. I think he really enjoyed himself. We set up the tent at Hancock Beach, and had an awesome site in the trees. Very relaxing, made me miss the woods. Not much fun camping in a corn field I'm sure :)

And of course our time in Crystal Falls was fun as well. We hung out at my grandma and grandpa Perry's for a few days which is always nice. Especially now, my grandma has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma and started her chemotherapy this week. So keep her in your thoughts as well. She's doing well, and was anxious to get treatment started. If I can handle it, so can she! Love ya gram!

My sister Jamie has decided to make the move to Indy in a few weeks, in the hopes of finding a job in her field of graphic design. So she'll be paying rent at our house for a bit. We're excited to have her come, and I know she's ecstatic. Something about being closer to her nephew, I don't know I'm shady on the details, haha!

Next Saturday we'll be making the trek up to Grand Rapids for the Race for the Cure. Which I'm very excited about. My dear friend Erin is traveling up with us, and we're meeting my mom, Joanna, and Jamie there. We have a hotel room for the weekend at a waterpark, so I'm sure that will be a blast. And I'm very excited to celebrate being DONE with treatment with my friends and family. If you're in the area, we're having a get-together on Saturday night (the 29th) at 7 pm at the Max & Erma's in Grandville. Stop by and say "hi"!

Yes, I'll use this as another plug to get you to donate to our Race Team!
I thank you ahead of time.

So life is slowly getting back to normal. I can't wait, normal is good. Well as normal as we can be I guess!

Keep smiling!

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  1. Gram and Grampa's was a blast! So great to see all of you, and I'll be thinking of you the week-end of the GR walk. We are all so happy you are at the end of all this and know we think of you all the time and wish all of you the very best in life!
    Love, Auntie Chris, Em and PJ