Monday, January 25, 2010

Miss Avery - 1 month old and Mr. Logan - 5 years old

Wow, how fast a month goes by! At her 1 month check-up last Friday, she weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces and was 22 1/4 inches long, so she is growing great. We have however gotten the evening grumpies otherwise known as colic :( Although it hasn't been horrible, just different since we didn't experience this with Logan. And even last night she was just fine, so hopefully it doesn't get any worse. It is definitely tummy troubles for her, arches her back, and belly gets hard when she cries, poor baby.

It's also hard to believe how fast 5 years went by as well. He's such an amazing boy, and makes me so proud how great of a big brother he is. He truly loves his little sister. Hopefully once she's crawling around and stealing his toys, he'll feel the same way.
Here's some new pictures of Miss Avery and some from Logan's birthday for you to enjoy.

His 'big boy' bike we got for him.

Birthday Party with his best buddy Ethan who is three days older.

Maggie is also one of her biggest fans :)

I think her big brother likes her just a bit too.


  1. Wow she has gotten so big so fast...Sorry to hear about her tummy troubles. Hopefully they will solve themselves soon and she will be happy go lucky again.

  2. <3 Super sweet! Happy birthday to Logan! I still can't believe Miss Avery is 1 month old already. O went through some tummy troubles as a baby too. We got some infant gas drops and those helped sometimes. I hope the colic goes away and everyone gets a peaceful night's rest.