Friday, January 28, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Lately Miss Avery has been a bit grumpy, she's working on some new teeth so she's not always her usual happy self.  Teeth hurting, runny nose, all that fun stuff.  So on Monday I get a text message from Richard that said her eye was bothering her, great here we go!

Sure enough, by the time I got home on Monday, the poor little monkeys eyes were so swollen and red, that she looked a bit like a drunk.  Trying to see out of the tiny little slit, because it clearly felt better for her to leave them closed.  And of course, it was after hours.  A call into the pediatricians office suggested we take her in.

So off to the immediate care center we went.  Luckily it wasn't busy at all.  And, of course by the time we got there, she was a teeny bit happier.  The doctor sees us.  Who I may add, definitely did not like her job.  She had to be the most unfriendly doctor I've ever encountered.  I was definitely not impressed with her at all.  So was thankful for a nice short visit.

We left with a diagnosis of a sinus infection and pink eye, and a prescription for some antibiotic eye drops and amoxicillan.  Avery fell asleep in the car about 1 minute after leaving the clinic.  And stayed asleep (which she's not the best car sleeper) through a trip (and kind of lengthy wait) to the pharmacy and the ride home.

With a dose of each med under her belt, and a good nights sleep behind her, she woke up the next day cranked up and ready to go.  What a change!!  My mother-in-law even asked what sort of 'hyper' meds we had been prescribed.  She was into everything that Tuesday morning.

And as of last night, there aren't too many signs of any infection left at all.  Her nose is still running a bit, but it certainly doesn't seem to phase her.

And the rest of us managed to avoid the pink eye too, thank goodness.

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