Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The heat is on....

Well it appears Blogger has been unblocked at work, not going to question, just going to enjoy my writing time :)

The summer heat is really upon us here in Indiana, temps in the upper 90's and heat indexes in the triple digits the last few days, it's really been miserable. I'm not a humidity girl!

I think the heat and summer are getting to Logan as well, ugh we've had a rough few weeks with that boy. I think the heat, which means not much outside time, being stuck with Grannie for the summer and new sister are starting to get to him. Last week he had to pack up a large chunk of toys, and lost electronic privileges. Just not sure where this kid came from. This week has been better, he's earned a few things back. So I'm hoping once we get into a school routine, and he's around his friends again things will get better and he'll be back to his sweet old self, well close anyway. And school officially starts next Wednesday. We got our letter today, that he'll be in afternoon kindergarten. We have an ice cream social on Monday, and then orientation on Wednesday where we get to go to school with him and hang out for a few hours, then Thursday is his first official day. He's very excited, more so to ride the big bus than anything. And he has his first loose tooth, so lots of changes at our house, prayers that he handles these changes okay.

Avery gets bigger everyday I swear. She's so close to crawling, although some days I wonder if she'll just skip it and go right to walking! Her teeth are bothering her lately too and it looks as if she'll get a top one first. She's been chatting away lately too, really starting to find her voice and all the different sounds she can make. It's too cute, this really is one of my favorite baby stages:)

We've got a busy wedding season coming up. Jamie and I took a road trip to Lansing this past weekend for our cousin Megan's shower (can't believe she's getting married). We had a blast, the shower was fun and then it was great to just chill out on Saturday night, gabbing. Her wedding is the 21st, so we'll be traveling to Grayling for that, then next Saturday is my friend Erin's wedding. It's a small simple wedding, so as her present I've offered to be the 'photographer' for the event. I'm excited about it that and have some great ideas:) Then we have another friend's wedding Labor Day weekend, whew! Tis the season.


  1. The heat is on here too, ugh I think it was 115 with the heat index the past few days. Good luck to Logan on starting school next week. If he is like Aidan some of the behaviors might be coming from his stress of the unknown...Aidan starts acting a little weird at the end of the school year anticipating summer and then right before school starts again each year. Be strong mom he will get into a nice routine in a couple days.
    That Avery is growing so fast, we can hardly keep up. Can't wait to see pictures from the weddings.

  2. This past week was the same for us with the loss of toys, electronics, etc. It sounds like a lot of things are happening in the Gustafson house! <3