Thursday, August 12, 2010

Logan's First Day of Kindergarten

Well, it's official! I'm the mom of a school-ager, aahh!!

We had our parents meeting last night, where we learned everything we wanted to know about kindergarten. Because Logan is in the afternoon session, we drop him off and he rides the bus home. So today being the first day, parents were allowed to accompany the kids to the class. Logan matter of fact told me "mom I'll be okay, you can just drop me off" That made me sad, but made me feel good that he was ready.

I came home for a long lunch hour today, so I could take him for his first day. I cried most of the way to the house. He was dressed, shoes on and backpack on, about 30 minutes before we needed to leave. He asked Grannie all morning if it was time to go, I think he was a tad bit excited.
So off we went, I didn't just drop him off, we waited outside with all the other parents for the teachers to come get them. I snuck in to the classroom with him, and got "the face" He didn't complain too much and even let me take a few pictures.

Two of his friends from our street are in his class, as well as his good friend Mia from daycare days. He was very excited to see her, they had been at daycare together since a year and a half old.

I did okay with the drop-off, until I saw Mia's mom, she was crying and we were both commenting on how it was just yesterday when they were in the toddler room:) And I cried most of the way back to work.

He got to ride the bus home, and loved it, that of course was the favorite part of his day. And he wants to go back tomorrow, so that's great.

His teacher is great too, she's so incredibly organized, its awesome. I think we're going to have a great year!


  1. Mark had a great day too. It would probably have been too much for the world for them to have been in class together. Oh well, we can hope for first grade. :)

  2. i would've been a mess too! i still can't believe he's old enough for school...where did five+ years go? kiss my favorites for me!!can't wait to see you guys next weekend thats for sure!

    love you
    auntie jo

  3. *HUGS* I'm so happy he loves it, but I know exactly how you are feeling too.

  4. Yeah what a big boy! Sounds so much like Aidan he had his backpack on at 7:30 this morning for the 8:30 bus... too funny!