Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well we had our first call from the school nurse last week. Logan had somehow gotten a plastic binder in the eye, it scratched his eyebrow and then poked the corner. The way the nurse described it, you'd think his eyeball had popped right out, I was expecting it to be WAY worse than it was. But I had made an appointment with the eye doctor before seeing it. He did cut the corner pretty good, but managed to miss scratching the eye, which was good, but the doctor still made me feel dumb for being there, oh well! I'm sure its the first of many calls from the school.

Well, I can report that Miss Avery seems to KNOW how to crawl, she just chooses not too! ha ha! She'll crawl a couple of 'steps', and then drops right back to her belly to commence scooting. Friday night we took a picnic to the park, and she was having trouble scooting on the blanket so of course, she had to crawl, but once we got home and back on the slippery hardwood floors, back to her belly. Little stinker! And she's managed to start pulling herself up to a standing position. But still not teeth :(

We had a good labor day weekend, didn't do too much which was kind of nice for a change. We went on the picnic Friday night, and it was a bit chilly. Then Saturday night we had a cookout/bonfire with the neighbors, it was like a perfect fall evening complete with s'mores. Then Sunday Logan went off to spend the night at Auntie Jamie's and Richard and went to a wedding reception while Avery stayed with Grannie. On Monday, since Logan wasn't home, we napped when Avery napped :) It was great, although we did miss Logan.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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  1. Thankful his eye is ok. She is going to be up and running in no time just you wait! =)