Thursday, September 2, 2010

September?? Really??

Just where did the summer go? Things are good in the Gusty household. Logan is thoroughly enjoying school, and is favorite part is still the bus ride home:) I'm struggling with keeping school stuff organized though, I need a new system. With more dates to remember, papers to keep track of, our sidetable in the kitchen officially looks like a bomb exploded. Any tips from you seasoned moms of school-agers??

Avery, at 8 months now, yikes, still is not crawling. She's mastered the Army crawl and uses that as her main mode of transport these days. And she's getting good at the leap frog, but no official crawling. And still no teeth! This little girl is miserable, drooling, chewing on anything and everything. And with the weather change here in Indy, she's got some stuffy sinuses to go along with it. But depsite it all, she's a pretty happy go-lucky baby. And recently she started giving kisses, and the best kind open mouthed sloppy ones. You ask her for a kiss, make a kissy noise and she leans in mouth wide open. Melts your heart:)

We had an awesome time at Megan and Paul's wedding a few weeks ago! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast, couldn't ask for a more perfect day.

My mom came to visit last weekend, she's officially settled in to her new house and new job in West Virginia, and seems to be loving it so far. And she's only about 5 hours away. We're thinking we'll be spending Thanksgiving there, maybe making a trip to DC too.

We're hoping for a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend! And hope yours is too.

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  1. She will probably just skip crawling all together and get up and run! Glad things are going well for you guys. I heard your mom is in Va for the year. Glad she likes it and her job!
    Take care!