Saturday, October 2, 2010

Every 69 seconds

that's how often a woman dies from breast cancer in the world, every 69 seconds.  It's a staggering number.  Being that it is October I thought I'd share.  I'm not really sure how I feel about breast cancer awareness.  I think at this point we're pretty 'aware' that it's out there, at least most people who know me anyways:)  Maybe we need to move beyond awareness, and lean towards things like prevention and a CURE perhaps! 

I've never used to be too fond of pink (Avery has helped change that), and I also am not a fan of how October and the pink ribbon are often used as a shameless plug to sell products.  Companies will put a ribbon on anything and say that proceeds go towards research and such.  But you can never really be sure, and unfortunately it usually is just that, a shameless way to sell. 

There are of course, legit companies out there, like Komen and others, but  please just be wary.

So if I can teach one other thing, it's also to get to know your body, know what's there, what may be different.  Self exams are one of the most important keys to prevention.  I found my cancer by a self exam in the shower one day, so it truly saved my life.

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