Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Firsts

Well this is my second attempt at this post, I was having some photo issues earlier and decided to try again once I got ho me.  And this was my original opening:  We've had a few 'firsts' for the residents of our household lately.  And as I was pondering this blog topic, I thought for sure I'd get to include Avery's first teeth, but no such luck! They are SO close, but haven't broken through the surface yet.  I am happy to report that since the first edit of the post, WE HAVE A TOOTH!!!!  And it seems there are a few more not too far behind. Unfortunately no tooth picture to add to the post yet.

Logan lost his first tooth, and Avery had her first trip to the pumpkin farm.

And I'm still having photo issues, ugh!  Guess I'll attempt an upload later.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us.  We had family 'date' night tonight and ventured out for dinner.  Tomorrow we're heading to ZooBoo, a Halloween event at our zoo.  We're going with Logan's best buddy Ethan's family, and we haven't seen them in awhile, so it will be fun.

Then of course trick or treating on Sunday.  Logan is going as Superman, and Avery will be the same chicken her brother was for her first Halloween.  Although, I'm debating on finding something else for her because it's a very warm fleece costume and its supposed to be in the 70's on Sunday.

Hope your weekend brings more treats than tricks.

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  1. Yeah for teeth in and out =)! Hope your Halloween is lots of fun.