Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10 weeks and counting....

Well, officially 10 weeks today. I've taken some criticism from some friends (well more like acquaintances, so their opinion doesn't count anyways) for letting the cat out of the bag so early. And I think to myself, WHY NOT?!?!? We're overjoyed to be expecting again, when just over 2 years ago we were told we might not have more children. I had a hard enough time keeping my mouth shut as long as I did, I know of some who didn't though(my mom for example, ha ha, but no harm done).

This acquaintance was so concerned that something would happen, and then I would have to give others the sad news. Well, you can see why this opinion doesn't matter, such negativity. Life is to short to dwell on the negative! I'm happy, ecstatic, over the moon excited to be pregnant and would rent billboards if I could, haha!

Logan so far seems excited to have a new baby coming. Although he wants a baby brother, because girls are icky. I'm using that as an angle to try and find out the sex. If its a girl we could 'prepare' him better. But its not working, Richard still wants to be surprised, and my doctor won't just tell me. Oh well, I tried. And Logan thinks it should be named 'eyeball'. Silly boy, he cracks me up.

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't come across any foods that disagrees with me, yay for that! Just really tired, can't wait for the 2nd trimester energy to kick in. I had forgotten what that's like. Richard has been working out of town a lot lately, and usually those nights shortly after Logan is in bed, I'm there myself, just doesn't seem like enough some days. I've thought about naps in my truck during lunch hour, but the fear of not waking up is too real, not worth the risk. Maybe I could get the boss to put a couch in the restroom for a few months! I'll let you know how that goes over.


  1. Ignore the "Debbie Downer" and enjoy the happiness! You deserve it! You have the support of your family and friends, who love you, through your blessed pregnancy!

  2. Ditto, we are SUPER excited to have another baby in the family. If it is a girl you can have Logan come hang out with Aidan for a little while. He will teach him how to spoil a baby sister. Love and hugs, ENJOY!!!

  3. Ditto!!!!! We who truly love you are OVER-THE-MOON ecstatic right there with you!!!!!! I had to tell my mom and she said to tell you that she is through the roof for you!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!