Friday, June 12, 2009


Ahhh, one of my favorite subjects. I love Food! (Rochelle, it must be a Perry gene) So I'm always disappointed when foods I once loved I now cannot stand. And foods I used to eat in moderation, I'd drive miles to find.

It started when I was pregnant with Logan. I used to LOVE pickles, couldn't stand them when I was pregnant with him, not a huge fan of them to this day. Although, this makes my husband and my Aunt Roxann happy, one less person fighting over the relish tray at holiday meals. I did however, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, couldn't get enough of peanut butter, more specifically peanut butter toast, and orange juice. I can't even imagine the gallons of orange juice we went through. Towards the end it was McDonald's fries and Big Macs, obviously not a healthy craving.

It then continued when I was going through chemo. I couldn't stand the smell of fried chicken, let alone eat it. Sandwiches were impossible to eat, even just plain old peanut butter and jelly. But doing okay with them now. And it took me a long time to eat Arby's after a very ill treatment session.

Now with this pregnancy, up until today I haven't discovered any horrible aversions. I'm still not a fan of pickles. Haven't really found anything I eat in mass quantities either. For a week or so I was craving pizza. And I can smell McDonald's fries from a mile away, but haven't been eating them. But today, I found a food I couldn't even swallow. Bananas!!! What the heck, used to love bananas. Peel one open for a morning snack today, break off a piece, put it in my mouth, and instantly spit it in the garbage. Not sure if it was the texture that caused the gag reflex to kick in or what, but I'm very disappointed.

So I guess when you're pregnant, it becomes kind of a love-hate relationship with food.

Happy Eating!


  1. Bananas didn't agree with a few weeks ago either. Hmmmmmmmm, must not be having a monkey!!! LOL

    I love you to the stars and back!!


  2. With PJ I couldn't get enought peanut butter and jelly, with Ace it was Apple juice and fruit, with Cash I couldn't drink enough milk! I think I drank too much milk, because Cash is he drinks soy! Funny how those little creatures can wreak such havoc!! I am still so excited for you!!

  3. I remember drinking gallons of chocolate milk with Oryan... and loving things that were not the best choices for me. With Max NOTHING sounded good... ever! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is full of many yummy foods and few sick days!