Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Weekend Flood

No, not a flood as in mother nature. A flood as in full out pregnancy hormone sobbing at a children's cartoon over the weekend. Pathetic.

We took Logan to see the new Disney movie UP on Saturday. Don't worry no spoiling here, but it is a great movie, if you get a chance to see it on the big screen, I highly recommend it. It was Logan's first movie theater movie, so he was very excited.

The waterworks came throughout the entire movie, I recall about 5 different times where I was wiping tears from my face. There was just no stopping it. I remember one time even almost sobbing out loud, it was crazy. IT'S A CARTOON, IT"S NOT REAL. This was what I keep saying to myself over and over again, it didn't work. Richard looked over a few times, and just shook his head. I was quite the display:)

Also water related, we bought Logan a slip-n-slide this weekend as well. He had a blast with it on Sunday. I'd post pictures, but the computer at home isn't hooked up to our wireless just yet, we're working on it.

Despite the flood of June 2009, haha, we did have a nice relaxing weekend!


  1. Oh those hormones aren't they fun...As long as Richard wasn't sobbing along you guys are ok. Ha Ha Ha.

  2. Weeeell... I have no excuse as I sobbed my brains out at UP as well :) I love you!!!!

  3. haha..nice waterworks goof! didn't u cry at a random commercial too?