Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Photo Catch-up

I finally, got the desktop hooked back up to the internet, so I thought I'd do a catch-up of pics from the summer. And I don't really feel like a clever, fun post today, so just enjoy some pictures.

Summer and baseball, a popular combination.

Chilling in the paddleboat at Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Dave's in CF over Mem. Day weekend.

Richard teaching Logan to fish for the first time.

One of our scarier storms this summer, the worst of it missed us, but the clouds were pretty freaky. I think we ended up in the basement for a bit during this one.

Slip-n-Slide Fun :)

Fun at the sprinkler park. In Indiana we lack lakes, but there is no shortage of sprinkler parks, always goood on a hot day. The boys always have fun.

Guess I need to get out from behind the camera more often :)


  1. That always happens with us too. I end up taking all of the pictures, and then it looks like I'm never around or somethin! :)

  2. Sweet, I love the fishing picture with dad. Adorable...oh and that storm pic is so cool (although I am sure it wasn't cool at the time)
    Us moms are always behind the camera, don't worry I don't really appear in any family pics either. HA!

  3. I'm usually behind the camera too. I usually have to ask "can you take a picture of me with the boys too?" LOL I do love the pictures!

  4. The slip N Slide pic is the best!!!

  5. Great pics, Jenn! Can't wait to see all of you Labor Day week-end.
    Love, Auntie Chris

  6. Glad to hear all is well with your baby, Jenn. It's Melissa, a pal from Manic Mommies and Melephantintheroom. Thanks for listing me under "Good Reading." Made me smile.

    I agree, that storm picture is spooky.

    I'll keep checking in from time to time to see how the "gusty winds blow." Take care,