Monday, August 3, 2009

Picnic Days

We had our company picnic on Saturday at a place here called Connor Prairie. It's one of those interactive history places, with villages and homesteads from the 1800's and actors that teach you what life was like back then. I have to be honest, it was neat but I'm glad we didn't pay the $18 a person to visit on our own. I think we weren't into it because Richard and I have both experienced places like that in Copper Harbor, and on Mackinac Island. It was obviously geared towards 'city-folk'.

And being that Logan still thinks that hundreds of years ago was last week, didn't really much care about the history stuff. He did however enjoy the interactive animal barn. He got to pet a cow, a lamb, a goat, and hold a baby chick. So that was cool.

They also had an 1800 balloon ride, that he loved watching. However we WERE NOT going up in. It's tethered to the ground and goes up about 350 feet, but you're completely at the mercy of the wind. That things gets blown around so much, some people were looking mighty green coming off of there.

They did have some neat things there just for our picnic group. Pony rides which Logan rode for the first time, a bouncehouse, and a dunk tank for our executives to be dunked.

Now we can say we've been there I guess. Here's some pictures from our day.

Here we are holding the baby chicks.

And here's his first pony ride, the pony's name was Teddy.

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  1. It looks like fun! Well, except I'm with you on the historical village part. Although sometimes it's fun, it's not always entertaining. Love the pony ride!!