Thursday, August 20, 2009

A long week......

This week is taking forever! Mr. Logan was sick this week, ugh! He's never been one to really get sick (knock on wood). He's only had two ear infections, a few colds here and there, but nothing too major. Monday, on my way to pick him up from school, his teacher calls to get my permission to give him some tylenol because he was running a fever of about 101. WHAT?? Yes, of course tylenol please.

So I get there and he is crashed in their reading loft. She said he was great at lunch, but was very restless during nap (totally unlike Logan), didn't want to play outside much, and wouldn't eat snack. Again, all not Logan-like symptoms at all! Poor little guy looked at me when I got there and started to cry :(

Monday night was rough, drink or eat, just layed around. Still running a fever. So on Tuesday he stayed home from school with my mother-in-laws husband, who fortunately for us isn't working right now. He just laid around all day. And Tuesday night he slept a marathon almost 13 hours! And Wednesday I worked from home to hang out with him.

So he's back to being Logan, thank goodness. I hate when my little guy is sick, especially since it doesn't happen very often. You feel so helpless, not much to do, but cuddle, which we did plenty of.

Also had a doctor appointment yesterday (21 weeks). Everything looks good, measureing good. Baby's heartbeat was around 142. My blood pressure was perfect and weight was good, I've only gained about 6 pounds so far. Think I do have a bladder infection though, so just waiting on my labs to come from that. But nothing major to report there, things are going well. I'm in that feeling pretty good stage, first trimester yucky stuff over with, the uncomfortable stuff hasn't kicked in yet. Just enjoying being pregnant!


  1. So sorry Logan to hear you haven't been feeling well this week. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Also, glad to hear baby is doing well and you are in that great stage of 2nd trimester. Enjoy!

  2. I'm soooooooo glad my angel boy is feeling better.
    Jen, you are the cutest prego ever!!!!