Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reindeer, Meatballs and more, OH MY!

We made it through our first ever bought with a bad dream. The other night I was woken out of a dead sleep by my son screaming "mommy" at the top of his lungs, boy that will shake you out of a fog quicker than anything! I wasn't even aware of what time it was. He crawled in bed with us, trembling lip and all, but not really awake enough to tell me about it. So he laid with me and I rubbed his back, and after about a half hour, shipped him back to his bed (otherwise I wouldn't have gotten any sleep, the boy is a cement mixer!). The next morning, vaguely aware of what happened during the night, he told me that he remembered his dream, but wanted to get dressed first. Guess being in his underwear made it seem scarier?? His dream involved him finding a dead reindeer in our backyard, crazy how a 4-year old mind works. Poor guy, do we now have to worry when Santa visits about the reindeer falling off the roof? Hopefully its forgotten by then. Although getting him to sleep alone in his bed the next night was a bit of a task, but I think he'll survive.

The next night we tackled a very large batch of meatballs. I've been on this make ahead food kick lately, hopefully it sticks around until the baby is born and we'll be eating good for awhile. I mixed up a large bowl and Logan helped me shape them. He did a whole pan all by himself, he was not however too keen on the idea of eating them. He's always been skeptical about "meat" of any kind, goofy boy, his carnivore instincts will kick in soon enough. He would try one of the ones that HE had made though. They were so easy to make, and very tasty, but the heartburn wreaked havoc on me for a few days.

And I did have a doctors appointment yesterday. As always everything is looking great, measuring right where I should be, blood pressure was good, and weight gain has been very minimal (YAY!). Once again this baby, like its older brother, likes to hide out in the back of my uterus, so finding a heartbeat with the little Doppler was tricky, and it made it known that it did not want to be found by letting out two HUGE kicks. Still not having any feelings as to what it is, unlike with Logan, I knew he was a boy. Nothing yet with this one. One more appointment on the every 4 week schedule, then I have the lovely Glucose test, yuck! Although I was pleasantly surprised to learn they don't make you fast anymore, just avoid sweets prior to. Always wondered what evil monster would make a pregnant woman fast! Then after that, we'll be on the every 2 week appointment schedule, makes it seem closer!

Also was able to get a flu shot, but seem to be suffering some side effects today with a sore throat and running nose. The nurse at the doc's office assured me it was common, and because it was effects from the shot because it contains an active virus, that my chances of being contagious are very unlikely, and symptoms should pass in a few days. So in the meantime, I'm drinking up the OJ (always my favorite).

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  1. I'm so happy to hear good news! I hope Logan's scary dream doesn't return. See you very soon!!! :)