Friday, September 11, 2009

Music is my heart

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

I stumbled across this quote yesterday, and realized that it really is true. It also got me thinking just how much a part of my daily life music is. I've been pondering this as a blog topic for quite some time, finding this quote is just a sign I guess.

I LOVE music, any and all types of music. If you were to flip through my iPod you'd find quite the range, from Carrie Underwood, AC/DC, Black Eyed Peas, Willie Nelson, Jim Brickman, Third Day, etc. Any and all genres, I just can't get enough of music.

All day at work I'm plugged into either my iPod or Pandora radio on my phone. Music helps me focus, tune out the background noise and just make me feel good. It 'soothes my soul'. It has a way of drawing out emotions of all kinds.

As a kid mom always had music playing, then factor in band and choir throughout high school. I actually miss the good old band days, of diving into a new piece of music and picking apart its parts to make up this whole divine production. It helped that I had the most fantastic band director a person could ask for, it was easy to love it learning it from someone as passionate about music as Mr. Stender was. I do kind of regret not keeping up with piano throughout college, now I might be able to plunk out twinkle, twinkle little star, but that's about it. And someday I think I might like to learn to play guitar.

In college when Richard and I started dating, I found that he too liked quite the range of music. It was him I think that turned me on to some of the things I listen to now. But he listens to all genres as well. Also when we first started dating and were at separate schools, I'd check my email in the mornings and would often find a message containing lyrics to a song that he found and had written to me, such a romantic :)

And now I'm so glad to be back in choir, however singing this fall/winter is going to be a challenge. I am diaphragmatically (yes I know not a word) challenged these days and get out of breath quite easily. So my choir director and I have worked out a plan that I can practice with the group, but I won't be performing until after the baby is born, keeps me part of the group, but also prevents me from passing out wearing wool choir robes. And now since rejoining church that genre of music and ignited a new passion in me, those composers back then new what they were doing, the harmonies, the melodies, such beautiful music.

One fun thing that I like to do with music is challenge my mom! We play a lyric game on occasion where I will send her the first verse to the song and she has to come back with the artist and title. She always does quite well. I'm sure it doesn't help that no matter what the topic of discussion she can come up with a lyric to match, I think she was a rock star in a former life, haha!

Besides all the big ways music is in me, just small things, the ringtones on our cellphones, being put on hold with the doctors office, commercials on tv and radio, music is everywhere. Also one of the new things I learned is that the hospital where I will be delivering plays Brahms Lullaby every time a new baby enters the world, very cool.

I can only hope that my love and passion for music gets passed onto my children. I can already see it in Logan as he will sometimes sing "You are my sunshine" to my belly, makes a momma proud!

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