Friday, September 25, 2009

Cake on your "Birth" day!

We had our tour of the maternity floor at the hospital the other night, and I'm very impressed. It's a smaller unit, which makes it very cozy, but has ALL the technology you could ask for.

A few things that really stood out; even though I'll be having a c-section the baby can stay with me in recovery. Which is way different than when Logan was born, him and daddy went off to the nursery right away and I didn't get to 'meet' him for almost two hours. I did however have a rough recovery in reaction to the anesthesia so maybe that's why.

Also, you get to have a party! Yes an actual birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream provided by the hospital. How fun is that? We're very excited about the cake at our house, yes we're excited about the baby too, but how fun is it to have cake. Who doesn't love cake? Logan thinks a party for the baby is a pretty cool idea too.

They also do another program called BirthNotes where you can meet with a nurse, get all your paperwork done ahead of time, take a tour if you haven't done so already, and just make sure the experience your own. There are a few special things we would like done, so we want to make sure that's noted, and also make sure they're extra aware of me not being able to have IV's etc in my cancer side, and my previous reactions to anesthesia, just things to make it go smoother.

I just felt very comfortable when we were there, so I think it's going to be a great experience overall. I recovered very quickly from my last c-section even after almost 24 hours of labor, so I'm hoping this time will be a breeze. And I won't have labor exhaustion so I might actually recall meeting the baby for the first time.

Now if it would just hurry up and be December :)


  1. Cake? We love cake. What a fun idea.

  2. I bet it's really good cake too! :) It sounds like a great place! You will still be pretty tired after the c-section, but I promise it's better than going through all the labor. Remember not to over do it anyway. :)