Friday, October 16, 2009

The home stretch!

Can't believe we're already at this point. I'll be 30 weeks on Tuesday, officially in my 3rd trimester now. And we're on the cycle of every two weeks for doctor's appointments.

I had one today, and had the lovely glucose test. It wasn't as bad this time around because they didn't make my fast like I had to with Logan. Just had to avoid sugars prior too, and it was first thing this morning. I always wondered what evil monster decided to make a pregnant woman fast for 4 hours!

I had lovely fruit punch flavor for my glucola, my other option was lemon lime, can't imagine how awful that would've been, yuck! I think with Logan I had orange, which wasn't bad, it tasted like orange crush pop.

My visit with the doc went good, he called me Boring!! I'm feeling pretty good, didn't have any questions or concerns, my BP was good, weight gain was fine, all in all, pretty boring I guess. He said I was allowed to be boring, its not always a bad thing. Baby's heart rate was in the 140's, right where its been all along, it was kind of hiding out in the upper corner.

Baby has been VERY active lately which is always a cool, although sometimes painful thing. I think yesterday it was constructing something in there. Right after lunch I was sort of reclined back in my desk chair reading through some documents and I thought it was going to bust through my stomach, it was pretty hysterical. Such an amazing thing, always makes me smile or cringe depending on how hard the kicks are :)

Logan and I have been painting some artwork for the nursery, I'll post pics when we get them done. I need to get the valance sewn (I'm hoping to convince my mom to help, hint hint, nudge nudge), and we need to purchase diapers, wipes, formula, etc, just a few odds and ends and we should be ready for this baby! Can't believe it's getting so close!

We were in Northern Michigan last weekend at Uncle Tom and Auntie Tonya's, and it was raining on Sat. afternoon, and then changed to snow. I pointed the snow out to Logan, and he yelled "yay, it's Christmas and the baby is coming" So apparently snow falling should immediately trigger Christmas, it was so cute!


  1. Love the story about Logan with the snow..that is so cute! :) If you need help with anything let me know, I would love to assist in anyway I can!


  2. I can't believe it's almost time for your new baby to arrive! I can't wait to see your artwork! The story about Logan and the snow was precious and brought an "awwww" out of me! :)