Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is here

I think it's officially Fall in Noblesville. This weekend we put away most of the outside toys, finished pulling up the garden and covering it for the winter, mostly to keep the dogs out of the mud, and put the cushions from the porch swing away, all pretty good signs. And mornings have been noticeably chillier as well.

Fall is my favorite season, its not as great of a fall here as when we lived in Michigan, especially in Houghton, but its still a great season. I love the crunch of leaves, the crisp mornings, and mostly the fall smells, it truly is a season for the senses.

Not too much new on the home front. We've been having some issues at school with Logan, but it's a hump and this too shall pass. He's got some big changes coming up, so I'm sure that's part of it, but we're working through them along with his teachers and brighter days are coming I can feel it.

He got to spend the night at grandma's this weekend, I think she just needed the cheap slave labor for yard work, but he didn't seem to mind. He came home Sunday night, exhausted and was out like a light in about 10 minutes. So what did Richard and I do with our kid free night..........worked in the basement, how romantic, haha! We're working on finishing our basement space, its been a long and slow process, but its getting there, can't rush free labor. I think we were in bed before 11, does that mean we're getting old??

Things with baby are going well, its moving around ALOT lately, always a good feeling. I'll be at 28 weeks tomorrow, so nearing the official start of the home stretch.

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  1. Fall is the best time of year! I'm happy to hear that things are going well in Indiana. We are also going with the "this too shall pass" with Max's moods lately. Yikes!