Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shaking up the medical system!

I had my usual 6 month follow up with my breast surgeon today, last visit with her was back in April. At the time we had not yet found out we were pregnant, I think it was only a matter of a week later that we found out. So today when she walked into the exam room and saw my big ole pregnant butt sitting there, she was ecstatic! Almost dropped my chart on the floor.

Now mind you this isn't the surgeon who actually performed my surgery. My current surgeon I was referred to when my original surgeon decided to up and move back home to Illinois. My original surgeon was actually the only one on my medical team that was against me getting pregnant, which seemed odd, because she was all about the latest advances in treatment and surgery, but getting pregnant, she was old school in that department.

My current surgeon was completely on board with the idea, so I think I started her day out right! And by the time I had gotten dressed and gone back out into the main office area, word had traveled fast and everyone was excited, and I was ordered to bring the baby in at my next appointment in April.

She was going to switch me to yearly appointments, but with all the body changes that happen during pregnancy, six months seemed like a safe bet to me. There is never a guarantee that they're going to get ALL the breast tissue, so when a normal woman gets pregnant her breasts tend to enlarge. Well a (for lack of a better word) no-breasted woman with gain a bit in whatever tissue may be left. So I do have some misshapen areas around my scars, but nothing hard or lumpy, so nothing to worry about.

In this case, I certainly don't mind shaking up medicine a bit! I'm happy to be the 'rebel' in this case:)


  1. We are glad you are a rebel in this case too Jenn. Can't wait to see that little one!