Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Blogger

Once again, all my good intentions have failed. I really did intend to be a regular blogger, but its just not happening. Oh well!

Miss Avery is 4 months old today, and I am always amazed at how much she's changed in just that short amount of time. She's got quite the little personality, and it appears is becoming a Daddy's girl:) She's got a certain little squeal that she does only for him, its too cute. And of course the second she hears her brothers voice, her whole face lights up in a smile.

Her tummy troubles are much improved, thank goodness. So funny how your brain kind of forgets that stuff. In the middle of those evening bouts I wondered if this would ever end, and now looking back, it seems like no big deal. Guess its all in the perspective. Now if we could just get her to take good naps, we'd be all set. She'll only take good long naps, if Grannie is holding her. The longest she's slept in her crib is 40 minutes. The weekends we're more than happy to cuddle up with her for a nap in our bed, and she's usually out for 2-3 hours! So she's capable of a nap, just not regular ones. So that means a nice early 7 o'clock bedtime, a 1:30am feeding and up at 7:00 am. And she seems perfectly happy and content otherwise.

She's really discovered her hands, and is reaching out for toys. She's also SO close to rolling over its not even funny. Richard hopes she goes this week yet before he goes back on the road for work, we've been blessed to have him home this week with us and its been great.

Although, he did spend two days of it in bed sick. Not really sure with what, had severe abdominal pain, which we didn't mess with, so off to the doctor yesterday. We're waiting the results of the blood work, could be appendicitis, gall bladder stones, or an infection of the nodes attached to the intestines. Or just nothing, but can't be too cautious with stomach issues.

Logan is officially in the 'school age' room at daycare, and it is chaos in there. It's all the school age children that attend the daycare, some before and after school, so there is quite a range of ages in there. We're quite unhappy with the situation, on two separate occasions last week, after sending a bottle of sunscreen to school, he had not had any put on him for afternoon recess. I asked him why not and he said the teacher didn't want to. So I questioned her, and she said yeah its sometimes too crazy in here to get to it. HELLO!!! He's a redhead, sunscreen is a must! That was kind of the last straw for me. And once its summer and ALL the kids are there ALL day EVERY day, I imagine it will get worse. So we've come to the realization that he's at the peak of what he's going to learn while attending there. So next Friday will be his last day at daycare. Grannie has agreed to have both kids for the summer, and once kindergarten starts he'll go to the afternoon program at school. She's very excited about it, and is already planning menus and crafts, and buying activity books, so it will be a good thing, also the money will be saving every months is a HUGE plus.

The school is still letting him participate in the preschool graduation in a few weeks, which reminds me I need to purchase an extra box of Kleenex this weekend :(


  1. Keeping up on blogging is difficult, especially when you have a 4 month old baby!!! There is so much happening in your lives! We're going to have to get a road trip in so we can come see all of you & meet Miss Avery! I hope everything is okay with Richard. What a big change for Logan. I'm sure it'll be a special Summer for him with Grammie! You'll need to buy tissues again in the Fall. We just went to Kindergarten roundup and it's hitting me more that Max is off to school and I'm going to be *all by myself* (sung like Celine Dion)... These kids are growing up so fast! We love & miss you guys!!!