Monday, April 26, 2010

Play Ball!

Well, the rain held out long enough for Logan to play his first baseball game, and they did great! They were all so excited, and I think a little overwhelmed by the idea of an actual game with a real field and real dugouts. Logan got a few good hits off the tee, and got out once at first base, but he really had a good time. And even willingly took a nap later in the day, he must've been tired! I'll try to get a few pictures up later.

For the most part it was a pretty soggy weekend, so we didn't get much outside time. Richard had a small window for grass cutting on Saturday, but that was it.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon finishing up my tags for the consignment sale this week. It's pretty neat, you enter all your tags online, set your own prices, print and attach the tags and then just drop it all off at the sale site, and they take care of the rest. Nice way to make some extra cash, and clean out my basement storage, for not too much effort.

We also paid our last week of daycare tuition this morning!! Woohoo! Logan is counting down his last five days.


  1. Yeah Logan! Batter up...can't wait to see the pics. Can't believe how your little princess has grown so fast, and ALL that hair oh my goodness.

  2. Hooray Logan! :)

    That consignment sale sounds like a great deal.

    Miss you guys!