Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's been awhile.

It has been awhile, but really not too much happening. I'm feeling well, which is always good. We've started to bring baby stuff up from the basement, and wow do we have a lot of blue stuff. If this baby is a girl, we'll be starting from scratch, but if it's a boy it won't need new clothes for a long time. I decided that since I'm going through stuff I'd orgaznie Logan's old clothes by size, going well so far, just slow. Although Logan likes when I work in the baby's room because he gets to play with his old baby toys. He's been going through boxes of toys, and deciding what he thinks the baby would like, he does well for the most part. He's going to be such a good big brother.

Richard has been working in town for a few weeks which has been really nice, but this week he got sent out of town again, hopefully just for this week. It's kind of nice when we have doctor's appointments because usually on those weeks they keep him in town. Wonder if my doctor would object to starting weekly appointments now, haha!

Logan is doing well, he's enjoying the summer, riding bikes, playing in the pool, etc. He is however missing is Gwamma (my mom), he must ask everyday when she's coming back. I think this summer he has more of a concept of how far aways she is, because he realizes how long it takes to get to Papa's house, so she can't easily just pop down for a visit. So he's glad to hear it's only a few more weeks. And of course the other question we get all the time is when, can we go to Papa's house. 4 year olds don't have the greatest concept of time yet, so we always mark things on the calendar and cross off days, that helps. With the baby he just says it will be here for Christmas.

My good friend Mindy, is making us bloggers look bad, she's set a schedule now of when she'll be blogging, maybe that's the way to go, since I don't often remember to post things. Guess if it's scheduled I wouldn't have much choice, we'll see how that goes. Although, with Richard being out of town, I don't have computer access at home and don't often get a chance to blog at work. Should be working, haha!

Well, tata for now!


  1. lol That's why I started a schedule! If I don't, I could go a long while without remembering to post.

    It's kind of fun to sort through the baby stuff after so much time. I know we had more than enough for Max when he arrived. The benefits of having 2 boys... but buying pretty dresses and girly stuff would have been fun too! lol So if you do end up with a girl... expect at least a couple of cute girl outfits from us! :)

  2. bout damn time! i finally remembered to put this as my home page so keep up on it! jk...i love you to the mooooooon!


  3. Glad you are feeling well and are having a good summer.
    The girlie stuff is SO much cuter than the boy stuff... you will have fun shopping if she is a girl...we always do! If he is a boy you are set! Either way win/win!