Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Second Trimester

YAY! We made it to the second trimester. Officially 14 weeks yesterday. I had a pre-natal appointment last Monday. They didn't think they could've picked up the heartbeat with the doppler so we got a freebie ultrasound (can't post the pics, computer at home isn't connected to the internet these days, working on it though). The little bean was kicking and moving all over the place, in one of the pictures it even gave us a little wave. It still had the alien look to the face, but all other parts had developed to look like what they should, little hands, little feet. Always amazing! And the heartbeat was good.

My doctor was a bit concerend about my high blood pressure at that appointment, i think it was 125/90. I did mention that I had driven through terrible traffic to get there and was running late, so that could've contributed, but she still wanted it monitored anyways. So I was to use the little checking stations at CVS (or whoever has them). They are not however, user friendly for someone who has to use their right arm. Because of having lymph nodes removed on the left side, I have to use my right. Impossible in those machines, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

So back I went this past Monday. Blood pressure was back to normal, hmmm, maybe it was that traffic after all, DUH! But better safe than sorry I guess.

They were able to get the hearbeat on the doppler, and the baby was also kicking the doppler like crazy. Fiesty little thing.

Lately, Richard and I both have thought we could feel it moving, so I happened to ask if it was possible. My doctor said that if this was our first we probably wouldn't even be asking that, because we wouldn't know what to feel for, and given the way this one kicked the doppler he figured that yes indeed we were feeling the baby. Usually we can feel it at night, laying in bed, very sublte, but still there.

No big plans for our 4th, just enjoying the long weekend, maybe start organizing some baby stuff, seeing what we still have from Logan. Our humidity has finally dropped off, and temps are actually supposed to be cooler than normal, in the upper 70's and low 80's so I'm sure we'll be spending some time outdoors.

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