Monday, July 20, 2009

Mush, mush, mush.....

Just ask Richard, it's official I have preggo mush brain, and I think its getting worse by the day, haha! I've taken to asking dumb questions at work, I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person, so usually feel even dumber after having realized my dumb question. My co-workers just laugh at me, all is forgiven, given the circumstances.

Last night I think was the worst. All evening I seemed to be having issues putting words together correctly, causing me to giggle. At one point I yelled at Maggie to "go to sleep" instead of "go lay down", it went downhill from there. The topper: Richard and I were laying in bed discussing names, he had said he wanted to use 'Dayle' as a middle name for a girl. My response was that we couldn't use an 'M' name because the poor childs initials would be MDG. Which in my head was the beer, so I laughed for quite awhile, literally laying there with tears rolling down my face, unable to breathe through my laughter. Of course than laughing even harder when I realized the initials would have to be MGD for that to be valid. Probably doesn't come across as funny here, but believe me it was hilarious. I'm just glad Richard hasn't started recording me, look out then.

In other news, we got the nursery painted this weekend. When I say we I mean Richard painted and I did the taping. I HATE to paint, I'm not good at it, and just have a general dislike for the whole process. But it does look fabulous. Richard picked a color called Toasted Coconut, kind of an orangey brown, I call it giraffe brown. We loved the color so much we painted before we even have a theme picked out. But I think it should be a pretty easy color to match, hopefully.

We have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and our ultrasound is next Tuesday. I think we might take Logan with so he can "see" the baby. He's very excited about that. We're still undecided if we want to find out the sex. Initially Richard absolutely did not want to find out, but lately he's starting to bend a little. Which makes me feel bad, because I give him a hard time about it all the time. So I'm not really sure if he's just giving in to me, or he genuinely wants to know. But I think either way, if we do find out, we probably won't share (sorry everyone). Although, if you know me, that might be pretty impossible. I'm usually an open book. So we'll see what next week brings.


  1. oh hell no! there is no way you guys get to find out w/out telling us! lol..jk...good luck not spilling jenn!

    love ya to the moon!

  2. Ok you can just post in pink or blue you don't have to tell us what sex the baby is we will figure it out then you can honestly say, "I didn't tell anyone dear!" Ha ha ha.
    Good luck with the pg brain, 9 months after delivery I still feel mushy some days. ARGH!

    Oh take Logan, he will LOVE it. Aidan truly enjoyed all the appointments especially the sonogram.
    Good luck, hope you get video to post.

  3. I'm betting that you don't keep this secret longer than a couple of hours, Heehee. Sorry Jage, we've talked about this often enough. I'm sooooooo excited to have a new little peanut in the family it really doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl............but I STILL WOULD LIKE TO KNOW!!!!!