Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IT'S A.........................

BABY!!! haha Yup, we opted not to find out. Although Richard thinks he got a glimpse of something, but who knows. Guess we just wait until he or she arrives. Logan came with and thought it was pretty neat, although got a bit bored when the nurse was taking all the necessary measurements.

Everything looks great, we had a very active little one, but she was able to measure everything she needed to. Weights about 9 ounces, about an ounce ahead of where it should be at 18 weeks. All systems looked great and intact. It was being a bit stubborn when she was trying to take heart pictures, but I think she got them, Heartrate was around 136.

Here's some pictures from our visit. She did the standard ultrasound images, and then some pretty cool 4-D ones, such an amazing technology.

And it looks like quite large feet already!

I think this is the baby's "no please don't take my picture" pose, hands up face turned away.

This one is neat, looks like its smiling.

The ever popular side profile shot.


  1. um horse shit! i want to know what it is! jk...love you anyway


  2. Awesome pictures!!!! Hmmmmmmmmm...where does that little one get it's large feet from? Daddy? Mommy?

    I think that is a beautiful baby!!!!


  3. A healthy baby is always the priority! Now everyone will be in suspense until delivery day!!! I love surprises!