Friday, November 6, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Pop, Pop, Pop.....

Well, I guess my belly has officially popped. At least according to 5 different co-workers this week. They have all commented on how much I've 'grown' in the past week. Last Saturday I did feel like I was having growing and stretching pains, and just felt a lot of tightness, guess there was a good reason. I'm still not convinced that this baby isn't building something in there at times, usually not little flutters of movement, its usually all out whacks!

Not too much exciting happening this week. Logan was Star of the Week at school this week, that's where they feature one child, post their favorite things and that child gets to bring in pictures to share and it all gets posted on the door to his room. He was very excited to share one of the ultrasound pictures of the baby :)

On the baby name front, I think we have narrowed it down, we will not however be sharing until the baby is born, just something else everyone will have to wait for, sorry.

I still haven't told Logan about not being able to come to the hospital when the baby is born, but I think I'll wait until it gets closer in the hopes that the visitation ban gets lifted by then, so think happy thoughts please :) Wouldn't want him to miss out on cake and cookies, well and meeting his new baby sister or brother:)

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  1. How exciting for Logan to be the star of the week! We held off on sharing baby names too. I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect for him or her. Here's some *hopeful happy thoughts filled with pixie dust* for the visitation ban being lifted by baby day!