Monday, November 30, 2009

Ladies and Gents, a new record in medicine has been set!

The length of my doctor appointment today truly had to be a record, and not in the way you think. I arrived at 2:45, my appointment was scheduled for 3:00. I was called back by the nurse at 2:55, weighed in, peed in a cup, got my BP checked, met with the doctor, had a couple extra questions this time, even had my Group B Strep test so that made for a bit longer appointment. Even with all that, I was back in my truck at 3:12!!!!!! All doctor visits should be like that, I was truly stunned.

All is good on the baby front, it was being stubborn and didn't want its heartbeat heard today, my BP was great and things are measuring just right. I now get to see my actual doctor from now on.

The problem with my leg ended up being superficial (basically meaning surface) phlebitis. Just an inflammation of a previous varicose vein location. I've been taking an antibiotic and aspirin to help with the inflammation, it's still a bit bruised looking but its 100% better than it was, and will completely improve after birth, not much else can be done about it now.

3 more weeks, or as Richard says 22 more sleeps. Can't believe we're that close already. We've been busy (well Richard has, I'm not much help these days) around the house lately. We're working on finishing the basement, and I think at this point we're about 90% done. It's going to be a family/playroom, and Logan is very excited for all his toys to be down there. Logan's bathroom also took on a new coat of paint, and our bathroom/bedroom is next. Guess we're using the baby coming as an excuse to get projects done, its working well :)

When I was pregnant with Logan I surprised Richard and went to Glamour Shots and had a belly portrait taken, so we wanted to do one with this pregnancy, however didn't want to spend the money again. So with a borrowed white sheet and Richard putting his very amateur photographer skills to work, we took a few shots. I'm pretty happy with how a few of them turned out.

We also started putting up Christmas decorations this weekend too, just haven't dragged the tree up from the basement this year. I love our tree when its up and decorated, but its such a pain otherwise. Might even go with a smaller real one this year, shh, just don't tell Richard, I bugged for years for a fake one :)

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  1. Sweet pictures, awesome dr's appt too bad they all can't be that fast eh?
    Glad you are feeling well and getting ready for the new little one.