Monday, November 2, 2009

Swine Flu Hits Home

Well, not in the way you think. Knock on wood, we're all healthy. Than how you ask? Well, with the pandemic that has become H1N1, local hospitals are restricting visitors. Our hospital in particular, no visitors under the age of 15. So.....for us that means, Logan will not be able to visit his new little sibling until he/she arrives at home :( I completely understand their reasonings, but it still stinks. That also means I have to go four whole days without seeing my little man, ugh! Well, since I will not be delivering said new arrival at home, haha, we'll make do.

On a good note, we have a 'birthday' scheduled for the little one. My C-section is scheduled for December 22nd at 8 am, unless he/she decides to come early, which would be fine too :)

Otherwise, things are going well. I did pass the three hour glucose test, just like I figured, yay! Everything else looks good, all is well in baby land.

Two of my co-workers commented this morning that I have appeared to "pop" over the weekend. I was experiencing some growing pains on Saturday so I guess it's possible. Also a few weeks ago had a complete stranger in the consigment shop tell me I looked like I was having a girl, so we shall see.


  1. oooo i like the lady in the consignment shop! :) troy said his guess is whatever mom guess'...he thinks they know best...he's guessing weight too! this should be interesting...and if we all have to stay home w/ logan we will...def don't need him sick!! love you...rub the melon for me...again...not the one on your shoulders!
    auntie jo

  2. Buggar, that stinks about no kids at the hospital...totally understand but still stinks. Aidan LOVED being at the hospital everyday while Alayna was in the NICU it was his little piece of heaven.
    They have closed my grandma's nursing home down to kids too. UGH, now she has no company...
    Glad you passed all your glucose tests. Take care of yourself! We can't wait to see her (or him LOL)!

  3. I hope Logan does okay during that time. I'm sure he'll want to see his new sibling! Any chance they will change the policy before the scheduled c-section? I am glad nobody in your household has contracted any type of flu! :)